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Greg Murray

Executive · Soul · Leadership

Greg Murray, Founder of Human Creative Coaching and Townsend Institute Trained, has been life coaching individuals and companies of diverse ages and backgrounds for over 13 years. Personally and professionally he has had a successful career as a Commercial Director and as an Instrumentalist/Music Director.  

Throughout his career, he has coached individuals and companies to find genuine joy through their life journey as well as functional growth and strategies for their businesses. Believing the most powerful growth in life is built internally, he has seen individuals and businesses shift from scarcity and anxiety mindsets towards freedom and healthy growth. He has worked with companies from BMW to Mercedes, to high level influencers, authors, actors, and father’s looking to connect better with their kids.

One of his greatest joys is seeing people step in their most fully alive life.


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Highly recommend Greg for anyone who is stuck in life. I feel more confident every session because I see more of myself everytime. Greg doesn't judge you, he's always there to support you. I couldn't of asked for anything better than Greg! Greg really takes the time to listen.

Isaiah, NY

What Our Client's Say

Greg is awesome to work with , he has helped me a lot and it’s only been 2 sessions, I love how it’s back and forth conversation instead of one of us just talking. Greg is an awesome dude

Nick, NYC

"Greg is the best and truly knows how to help you through life’s obstacles. He helps you set good intentions and to learn from mistakes as growth."

Michael, TN

I have been working on all around growth with Greg for a few months now. It's been a really fun and energizing process! Aside from a comfortable demeanor, he comes up with a few practices that I do when we aren't chatting and those have been a terrific source of fuel for me!

JaVon, OH

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