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Become the human you want to be.

The Human Creative Community is an expert-guided, community-powered platform equipping leaders, artists, thinkers, and doers with a new way of seeing, solving, and thriving through personal, relational, and professional challenges.

Become Who You've Always Wanted to Be

Summer Kickstart

Launch into your with purpose and register to become a founding member of our transformative community.

Unlock additional access to a curated collection of workshops, inspiring and insightful short videos, and practical guides, as they are developed - all meticulously crafted to be your catalyst into a life of profound growth, fulfillment, and community. 

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"The Human Creative Community is guided by 5 core principles:

  • Empowerment: Every individual holds the power to transform their life.

  • Authenticity: Genuine self-expression fosters true connections and growth.

  • Growth: A commitment to life long learning and self-improvement are essential.

  • Community: Isolation is never the answer, we achieve more together than we could alone.

  • Creativity: Innovation drives personal and community growth.

Become the community where every step is a leap towards authentic personal and collective growth."

Greg Murray 
Founder of Hu
man Creative Coaching


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Elevate Together


Most people come to us looking for a  “fire-extinguisher" and deeply want to achieve their goals. Our workshops are designed to go to the core and dismantle the barriers to your goals while providing the power of community for true transformation.


An antidote to social media. Our community is set to become the best corner of the internet. Real talk. Real stories. Real support. Never move forward alone again.

Find your community - courageously pursue real life change, mental health, personal development, and empower your dreams to become reality - together

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Ready to Get Started?

Get 3 months of membership for only $81


Sometimes you don’t need a deeper dive. You just need to a clear structure of what to say and what to do. While every scenario is different, there are clear game plans to many circumstances.


Grow your capacities to thrive and face the challenges of life while growing your business.  

From how to find your vision again, to the overcoming anxiety, bulldozing your goals - top mental health and growth experts of their field will be sharing knowledge directly with you. 

Never Get Stuck Again

Meet Your Mental Health & Growth Encyclopedia

I know I can trust their stewardship to get me to my goals

Keahi, CO

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Common Questions

How is the Human Creative Coaching approach different from everything else out there? Our approach at Human Creative Coaching is uniquely rooted in developmental psychology and neuroscience. We don't just inspire or provide surface-level solutions; we delve deep to foster true transformation. Our emphasis on authenticity, personal growth, and community support ensures that every member embarks on a meaningful journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Unlike traditional coaching programs, we aim to create culture, not follow it, by fostering creativity and innovation in every aspect of our work.

What does Human Creative Community Membership include? As a member of the Human Creative Community, you gain access to a dynamic and supportive network of like-minded individuals. Your membership includes: • Exclusive access to online workshops and webinars led by industry experts • A library of resources including articles, videos, and guided exercises. (Will total a value of $5,500) • Regular live Q&A sessions and group discussions to deepen your learning. • Personalized coaching materials and self-assessment tools. • Participation in local Human Creative Hubs for in-person connection and growth. • A safe, confidential space to share your journey and receive support from fellow members.

How much does Human Creative Community Membership cost? The investment for joining the Human Creative Community is just $28 per month. Comparable to a single meal out but providing invaluable tools, resources, and support to enhance your mental health and personal development.

What access will I have to Greg as a member? As a member of the Human Creative Community, this is where you'll find Greg and have opportunities to interact with him through various channels: Regular live Q&A sessions where you can ask or submit questions to Greg directly. Special webinars and workshops led by Greg. Personalized video messages and updates from Greg. Occasional small group meetings for in-depth coaching (availability based on demand). As stated in our Terms of Use, Human Creative Coaching is not engaged in rendering therapy services by providing the Site, and your use of the Site does not create any therapist-patient or other treatment relationship between you and Human Creative Coaching or any of its representatives.

What if the Human Creative Community Membership isn’t right for me? We’re confident that a Human Creative Community Membership gives you the resources and community you need to become the person you want to become. Change is possible and takes time. This is why we ask all of our members to make a personal commitment of 3 months. Rest assured, every membership comes with our Human Creative Gaurantee. So if you don’t find the tools and community you need, reach out to and let us know. If you email us within the first 30 days, we will offer you a full refund. You can cancel your membership at any time, simply opt-out in your settings. Far beyond any of these details is one main thing: we’re here for you and we want you to be happy with your experience. So if something doesn’t feel right, please reach out to us at

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*The Human Method

Our Coaches harness the power of psychology and neuroscience to unlock sustained, accelerated growth from within. At Human Creative Coaching, we don't just inspire or provide new business systems — using our Human Method we reach your goals together through true transformation

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