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Friendship = Belonging

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The best part about being human

We are literally created for connection. Connection is essential because we are a social species. Connection to others keeps us going through the highs and lows of life. We literally cannot survive without connecting with others. This is why friendships are so meaningful.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I lived on Skid Row for eight months. I went from having an abundance of friendships in Arkansas to not knowing anyone. The challenges I experienced while living in Skid Row weren't the environment but the suffering of true isolation. Isolation is the feeling that you no longer are seen, heard, or valued, and the only way to combat this is through friendship. Therefore, friendships are not only something we get to experience but something we must experience as humans.

When we have friends, we have the opportunity to feel like we truly belong

This is what is at the core of an authentic friendship. To belong means you can be your authentic self with another person. Within a true friendship, you get to belong with someone you want to be around, and they want you. When we feel we can belong within a friendship, we experience the authentic self being entirely accepted. Within a true friendship, you should be able to simply be.

What's crazy about isolation is how weak its hold on us is

When I was in isolation, it felt as though I would never get out. I always questioned how I could feel so isolated in one of the largest cities in the world. If I could not build community here, I thought I was destined to be alone. However, all it took was one friendship, one place to feel like I genuinely belonged, for my sense of isolation to be diminished.

My now good friend Greg allowed me to move into his apartment after my first eight months on Skid Row. However, and he did not just stop there. He chose to take the time to invest in me, listen to my life experiences, and create a space for me to belong. Within a few conversations, I went from feeling abandoned and isolated to accepted and seen.

From his friendship, I grew, connected with others, and built the community of friends I have now. Even though the feelings of isolation are soul-crushing, its true grip on our lives is weak. It takes one friendship. One person to make us feel like we belong. One person to help us feel connected with the world again. To feel human again.

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