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Creativity & Originality

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Although it may be cliché, it's true: there truly is only one you! In terms of creativity and originality, you are the sole individual in this giant world capable of conceiving your unique ideas.

Your personal experiences, knowledge, personality, and unique perspective all combine to determine the way you see the world. And that blend is about as unique as the design of a single snowflake. Your creativity is vitaly important to your business, personal life, and relationships.

We, as humans, were made to create. We create life, we create beauty, we create inventions and ways to make tasks easier. Whether you’re inspired by beauty and nature or challenges and strategies, every day presents an opportunity to put your creative twist on your surroundings and continue to grow your creative aptitude.

In our previous blog we provided results from studies showing the ROI of creativity in all arenas of life. As you start to look for cultivate your creativity and originality and make your mark on the world, here are a few tips and encouragements:

1. You Don’t Have To Make a New Invention To Be Creative.

Even if you’ve seen someone else doing the thing you want to do, nobody can do it the same way you can. Bringing a fresh take to an already existing idea is how the world has evolved and expanded so much over time. The concept of a building isn’t new, but there are hundreds of new architectural styles that have developed from different people getting creative with how to build. As Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

2. Not All Feedback is Not Personal.

While your creativity can be one of many ways to express yourself, it is not your identity! Therefore, when you get feedback, positive or negative, it’s important not take it personally. We all want our work to be affirmed, however, creativity outside of functionality is subjective and relies upon one’s personal tastes and preferences. For example, even though you may love Beyonce, there’s probably some of her songs you don’t love quite as much. Everyone appreciates different things. This doesn’t mean Beyonce isn’t a good artist or that it’s a bad song and even deeper - it doesn't speak to her value as a human.

3. Build Creative Courage With Something Small

Being creative can make you feel a little vulnerable, but I promise, putting yourself out there is nothing to be afraid of. Oftentimes, when you allow ourself to be vulnerable, is when the healing, connection, and growth happens.

Because our creative works are an outward representation of our internal thought life, courage may be required. Start with activities you already do, and think about how you can give them a new creative twist. When you start creating or trying new things, try sharing your creative projects with your family or closest friends first.

4. If it Sparks Joy or Relieves Stress - Make it a Priority!

Creative activities are so important for our mental and emotional health. Activities like drawing, writing, dancing, singing, acting, cooking, woodworking, and more help us externally process the thoughts and feelings that may overwhelm us if they build up. When prioritizing mental health and wellness, don’t forget to get creative. In fact, it's creativity that is one of the most necessary and sought after traits of the world's best CEOs!

Creativity is a try-and-see kinda game. When you get an idea, a courosity, explore it! We hope these tips help you dive into your next creative idea with a new boldness!

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