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What Is A Life Coach?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Have you ever felt as though your life lacks purpose? Is there a gaping hole in your heart longing for mission and momentum? Perhaps you’ve come to a point where you simply don’t know what to do with your life ahead?

Perhaps you hit obstacles in life causing you to seek clarity for direction or solutions. These challenges can come in the form of a huge career change or launching your own company. Perhaps you find yourself lost in existential questions or a quarter life crisis.

Alternatively, you could be far into a rewarding life and career. Seeing a form of retirement ahead, you’re wondering what will bring fulfillment, legacy, and purpose. Maybe you're launching out of college questioning which direction to build your life, the mountain you want to climb, what job to look for, how to land a job, and are feeling daunted by the ocean of possibilities in front of you.

In your journey of self-discovery, getting from point A (clarifying your goal) to point B (achieving said goal) can be challenging, and that is precisely where a life coach comes in.

The life coaching world has existed for quite some time and in the past 10 years has grown exponentially. According to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) the total number of life is now just over 70k coaches worldwide.

In fact, this may be the first time you’re hearing of life coaching! Perhaps the sheer volume of life coaches and companies feels like you’re searching through the entire universe for answers as questions like planets fly by: What is a life coach? How is it different than therapy? What do you mean by life coaching? Does life coaching actually works? How do you find an effective life coach? Can coaching help improve your life? Is life coaching worth the cost?

Here at Human Creative Coaching we trust the science. We built our systems and processes out of neuroscience, developmental psychology, performance research, clinical findings, and more to inform our coach’s approach for your personalized human development.

As you begin, you may not quite know what to expect or have clarity on your goals and that’s okay. That’s exactly what we’re here for!

Using our neuroscience based method, you will begin to see your mindsets, behaviors, and methods of life more clearly. Leading you to greater well-being, resilience, productivity, clarity, and a deeper sense of purpose.

You may find surprising arenas of your life to be critically important. Territories of your internal and external worlds such as: rest, self-compassion, community, grief processing, vulnerability, and purpose to name a few! We now, it’s crazy they're that important, but the science shows it!

Humans who have experienced our life coaches see a natural growth in self-advocacy, stress management, empathy, stewarding self, critical decision making, empowerment, productivity, efficiency, and more.

Life coaches are so much more than a friend in the stands rooting for you. Coaches are on the field with you, guiding you, helping you know how to find what you need for a fully-alive life, guiding you, and helping you bridge the gap between the life you lead and living in your purpose - mind, body, soul.


A life coach focuses on building your present and future though counsel, encouragement, and growth methods to overcome obstacles and enable you to clarify and build your personal, professional, and relational arenas of life, helping your reach your goals.

Just as the life of a human is broad and deep, so is life coaching. Our life coaches specifically focus on your full human development and experience through our neuroscience based methods.

Providing counsel with clients, our coaches develop self-stewarded achievement of goals in personal, professional, and relational arenas of life. Naturally topics can ranging from career, romance, friends, family, nutrition, divorce, financial planning, personal development, confidence, loneliness, and more come to the surface.


A life coach provides growth and guides individuals in their personal, professional, and relational goals. As well as organizations in finding and towards their goals, growth, and company health.

Even if you don’t have goals yet, a great life coach will dig deep with you, identify what resonates within you, create and have an action plan towards goals, connect with your key motivators, explore beneficial mindsets & perspectives, and bring clarity to how your personal values and belief systems impact every area of your life.

A common misconception of a life coach is that a coach will specifically tell you what to do. Life coaching is far more about building your personhood from the inside out and in places of human connection. Coaches lay a foundation for you to have greater clarity on your intuition and inner wisdom while growing the connection to your personal process for decision making and action steps.

A life coach then is a facilitator growing you into a stronger and internally healthier person more capable of doing the heavy lifting in your life rather than becoming increasingly dependent on your coach.

Generally, each life coach has a specific area of focus such as leadership, business, emotional health, young adults, relationship, and more. A great coach helps you bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you wish to lead mind, body, & soul.

A few areas of growth from having a life coach are:

  • Enhanced work performance

  • Personal skill clarity and growth

  • Increased ability to operate one’s core and organizational values

  • Awareness of leadership impact

  • Increase ability to adapt to changes and shifts

  • Improved time management

  • Growth of self-stewardship

  • Developed if-then thinking

  • Greater balance of physical health and emotional health

  • A deeper sense of fulfillment

  • A broader sense of freedom and possibility in life

  • Bettered teamwork and collaborative abilities

  • Refined self-starter

  • Upgraded conflict resolution abilities

  • Easier connection with others

  • Enriched sense of self-worth and value

  • Bolstered confidence and effectiveness in presentations

We hope this brings clarity to the conversation and is helpful in your journey! Wherever you may be in life, we want to encourage you to dare to live boldly and do life with an empowering community!

Looking for a Life Coach?

Reach out for a free consultation call with one of our professional and trusted Life Coaches!


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